by | last updated on December 27, 2017

If you are charged with a criminal offense and you want to fight the charges, you will need to hire the best Broward County defense attorney that you can afford. But even if you hire a lawyer to fight for you, how do you know what your case outcome will be? Watch this video to find out.

Whether you are facing DUI charges, criminal charges, or healthcare fraud charges, no attorney will be able to guarantee your case outcome. As an experienced Fort Lauderdale DUI and criminal defense attorney, I can tell you that it is my objective to win your case, to fight for you, and to do anything I can to get you the best case outcome possible. You will most likely have better results fighting the charges than going to court and pleading guilty.

To find out how I can maximize your chances of winning your Florida criminal case, please call the Law Offices of Robert D. Malove at 888-744-8225 or visit our website to learn more.