In their own words  

  • Robert Malove used his experience, knowledge and contacts to beat the odds and kept me out of jail.
  • Fort Lauderdale DUI attorney Robert Malove points out mistakes in police reports to DHSMV to win back client's driver license.
  • I got arrested for DUI with an unlawful breath alcohol test. I was so embarrassed. I scoured the Internet and found Robert Malove. Hiring him was the best investment I ever made. He's a lifesaver. All of the testimonials seemed to good to be true. But they were.
    Juan M.

    Juan M.

  • State finally gives up and reduces DUI case to Reckless Driving - Conviction avoided and criminal history record sealed!


  • After an old open DUI arrest popped up and was about to ruin my life, I hired Robert Malove and he saved me from disaster.
    Mike B.

    Mike B.

  • The most important factors are seen in the smallest details.


  • Getting a good result for his clients isn't good enough for criminal defense attorney Robert Malove. Malove's goal is getting his clients a great result.

    Andre R.

  • Robert Malove knows what he's doing and solved my problem in less than 24-hours.

    Born TO Be A Star

  • I contacted an attorney who with no hesitation referred me to the Law Offices of Robert David Malove.


  • Robert Malove performed beyond my wildest imaginations.


 DUI Defense Attorney

A DUI conviction can cost you a great deal, even a first offense. Since so much is at stake, you need to take action and make some smart decisions.

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 Domestic Violence Attorney

Allegations of domestic violence are very serious & should not be taken lightly.The National Coalition of Domestic Violence reports that over 1 million women.

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 Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Charges Can Have Significant Consequences if You are Convicted in Florida.If you’re in jail, Mr. Malove may be able to get your bond reduced.

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 Medicare Fraud Attorney

Medicaid / Medicare fraud or health care fraud is a serious charge, carrying harsh prison terms and stiff monetary fines.You can be facing charges of frauds.

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When The Feds Come Knocking

The Essential Guide To Fighting Federal Charges

Sometimes a seemingly innocent mistake can produce a ripple effect that ultimately results in long lasting consequences that were never imagined. 

Busted for DUI

or DUI Manslaughter?

ALERT - the Clock is ticking! From the moment you are charged with DUI the clock begins to tick. Did you know that if you took the breath test and blew a .08 or higher or refused to take the test, your license was suspended at the time of arrest?

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Wrongfully accused of domestic violence?

Wrongfully accused of domestic violence?

Let’s face it: Relationships are complicated.  And sometimes, they turn ugly. Disagreements happen. Hot words erupt. Tempers reach a boil. A fight ensues, and next thing you know, the police are at the door. Maybe...

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Robert Malove

Criminal Trial Lawyer & Forensic Scientist

Robert Malove has long held a genuine desire to be a "master criminal defense attorney".To achieve this goal, Robert graduated in 1979 from The American University School of Justice in Washington, D.C., with a Bachelor of Science degree in the Administration of Justice.

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Carlos Londono, Esq

Associate Attorney

Carlos is a recent graduate of St. Thomas University School of Law. He was admitted by the Florida Bar in September of 2015. Carlos is fluent in Spanish, and deals with all types of criminal cases, focusing primarily on DUI matters.

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