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Are you sitting in front of your computer or using your mobile device and staring at the screen with your stomach in your throat? Are you scared and wondering what's going to happen to you, your assets and your family? Has your sixth sense kicked in and you know it’s only a matter of time before the police knock on your door? Have you already been arrested?

  • What’s your plan?
  • Where do you turn?
  • Who should you call?
  • What are your rights and what steps do you need to take to protect yourself?


You Are Not Alone!

Robert Malove can provide you with the answers to these questions. Traditionally you might expect to see a very formal write-up about our firm. However, it is not our intent to impress you. We want to help you. What you need is a skilled criminal attorney, not a website of facts, figures and terms.

Be Smart! Take Action!

Once you've been arrested, you are up against the clock. There is no time to waste.  You can't risk going to jail and losing everything.  For more than 30 years Robert Malove has been practicing criminal defense, conducting pre-arrest representation, appearing at bail hearings, litigating suppression motions, and representing individuals, just like you, at jury trials and arguing appeals in Fort Lauderdale. In some cases you might even be eligible to seal and expunge your Florida criminal history record.  Wouldn't you like a second chance?  No matter what area of criminal defense your particular situation requires, Criminal Attorney Robert Malove can provide the expert representation you need for your case.

Mr. Malove’s experience covers the full gamut of criminal defense. His work in the areas of forensic science, healthcare / Medicare fraud defense, drug possession, domestic violence, federal criminal defense, DUI defense, post-conviction relief, appeals, and criminal history record sealing and expungements, have established him as one of Florida’s “go-to” criminal defense attorneys. Click here to read what his former clients have to say about him.

Your #1 Priority is to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer with the Skills, Knowledge and Experience Needed to Get the Job Done!

One common mistake many people make is not hiring an attorney who is a criminal law expert. Hiring an attorney who is an expert in criminal law should be your number 1 priority. The actions you take today could affect you for the rest of your life.

Experienced prosecutors are already working together with law enforcement, backed by government resources, to develop their strategy to convict you. Can you afford to delay?

Don’t undermine your legal position by waiting to contact the Law Office of Robert Malove. If any law enforcement personnel have contacted you or if you suspect you are under investigation or that you may be a witness to an investigation, call now. With consequences including prison, saying or doing anything without consulting with me first is not advised.

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