Criminal Charges Can Have Significant Consequences if You are Convicted in Florida

Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney, Robert Malove warns: The difference between your freedom and being incarcerated depends on the type of lawyer you hire.

Sought after by “Court TV” for his expertise defending people like you throughout Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach, Mr. Malove has a knack for finding just the right strategy to get his clients through their legal crisis.

If you’re in jail, Mr. Malove may be able to get your bond reduced. He can represent you at your first hearing where he’ll fight to have the charges reduced and bail eliminated.

Criminal Defense Attorney, Robert Malove will review your case, interview witnesses, evaluate police actions, and do whatever is necessary to defend and protect your rights. There are many types of criminal charges that you may have against you including such things as DUI or driving offenses, white collar crimes, Medicare fraud, felonies such as drug offenses, sex crimes, weapons charges, assault and battery, and theft. Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney, Robert Malove will assess your case, determine your needs and work diligently to resolve your case in the best possible way.

Have Your Case Reviewed Before It's Too Late

These may include fines, jail time, house arrest, probation, community service, and driver’s license suspension, among other penalties. That is why you need an expert on your side. Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney, Robert Malove is a tenacious and accomplished advocate with over two decades criminal trial experience in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach area.

During those years, he’s learned that the best criminal and DUI defense is the product of a thoroughly investigated and researched accusation met head-on by a potent, well-articulated, clear-cut litigation strategy.

The State of Florida has strict rules and deadlines for fighting your criminal charges. If you wait too long, you’ll only be putting yourself at risk of losing your job, your income, and your family’s financial security! You have rights that must be defended by an experienced and effective criminal attorney.

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Thanks again for your outstanding work in this case. When we first talked about I didn’t think there was much hope. It was a truly desperate situation, and I was just going forward on determination. But you were able to arrange things so that we could cancel a deal that I had been mislead by another attorney into signing. I was ready to start all over and risk going to jail in order to fight the charges. It turned out that you were able to get them changed to something I could live with, and more accurately reflected what actually happened. It really is a much better outcome than I was expecting, and I can’t tell you how relieved I am. I’ve been so impressed by your diligence and professionalism, also that I could reach you when I needed to. I wish I could go into specifics, but keeping things quiet has been the point all along. I know many other people are in a similar situation. They have a legal problem that they need resolved efficiently and dependably, because the stakes are so high. Maybe they did something wrong, but not what they have been accused of, and because of one mistake things have gotten completely out of control. They need someone they can depend on, not a lawyer who will take their money but who doesn’t know what they’re doing, or doesn’t care. Without a doubt I would recommend you to anyone in this situation. I’ve had good lawyers, and I’ve had bad, and I know you’re one of the best. Thanks again, and all the best.


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