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My client was arrested on a totally trumped up charge.  At the bond hearing, I poked all sorts of holes in the State’s case and my client was released.  After 3 months, the pre-trial release officer busted him again.  I marched us into court and without any fanfare, the judge reinstated the bond.  The pretrial officer is steamed!  Doesn’t that break your heart?  Not!  Check out this testimonial my client’s mom wrote.

The pretrial officer was so miffed that she had my client rearrested after being released five days earlier.  Why, you ask?  She claimed that my client’s equipment was off and that she couldn’t account for his whereabouts.  I called her and she got all uppity and acted so superior.  Well, it turns out that the pretrial officer issued the wrong charger to my client.  There was no way the ankle monitor would charge.  It was not my client’s fault.  The officer got called out by her supervisor and was taken off of my client’s case.  The net result was that he was released from jail for the second time in a week.

Client released!