Fort Lauderdale-based criminal defense attorney Robert D. Malove is the latest professional to turn to online video as a way to connect with clients. Though he has previously used YouTube as a marketing platform, his recently launched question-and-answer videos represent a fresh approach to the formula.Social media and online resources like YouTube have revolutionized countless industries, including everything from journalism and marketing to sales and dining. The legal world is not immune to these technological advances and the expectations that come with them.Clients want legal answers at their fingertips – usually with the swipe of a thumb across a smart phone or tablet – or with the click of the mouse. Attorneys are increasingly answering the public’s demand for fast and easy-to-use information by developing creative and effective ways to communicate online with potential clients.Each clip in Mr. Malove’s new series seeks to address a specific, frequently asked question in a succinct, but useful, package. The first video in the series achieves this goal in summarizing a topic that is familiar to many defense attorneys in Florida: field sobriety tests and how they factor into DUI stops.

In the 55-second clip, Mr. Malove reveals little-known facts about DUI laws in Florida. He also gives pointers on what the average person can do to protect his or her rights in the event of being pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving.

“While a brief, online video is no substitute for personalized legal counseling, it does help the public to get a better overall understanding of their rights in the event of an arrest,” says Mr. Malove. “I consider these new question-and-answer videos to be another tool in engaging with the public and helping them to get fast answers in a manner that is convenient for them.”

Watch the first video in Mr. Malove’s new Q&A series via YouTube, or by clicking here. New videos will be added on a regular basis, providing quick, easy-to-share answers to common criminal defense questions.

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