fort lauderdale drug defense attorneyWhen you're charged with possession of a controlled substance in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, or Palm Beach, board-certified drug defense attorney Robert Malove will leave no stone unturned in his search for the best possible defense. He'll thoroughly examine every aspect of your arrest to ensure your legal rights weren't violated and law enforcement acted within the bounds of its authority.

We Represent Clients Charged With Any Drug Offense

Drug charges in South Florida can range from misdemeanors to serious felonies. However, whether you were caught with a small bag of marijuana or a kilo of cocaine, you need a serious and experienced Fort Lauderdale drug defense attorney by your side. We defend clients facing charges such as:

  • Possession of controlled substance. Any drug regulated by the government, such as prescription medications or illegal drugs, is considered a controlled substance under the law. This includes cocaine, fentanyl, marijuana, oxycodone, heroin, and Xanax. Believe it or not, you may have quite a few options when you're facing drug possession charges in Florida. Depending on the type of drug, your criminal history, and your history of substance abuse, the right attorney may be able to secure an outcome that protects your freedom and helps you get a fresh start.
  • Possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute. The formal charge for drug dealing, this is generally a more serious offense than simple possession. However, there are defenses to this charge, and you deserve a Fort Lauderdale drug defense attorney who will investigate the circumstances of your arrest to best resolve your case.
  • Drug trafficking. Drug trafficking refers to dealing large amounts, or “trafficking amounts,” of a controlled substance. As an example, 25 pounds of marijuana is considered a trafficking amount, as is one gram of LSD or seven grams of oxycodone. This charge carries mandatory minimum sentences in Florida, including harsh fines, prison time, and lengthy probation. Convicted drug traffickers also face civil penalties such as forfeiture of homes, vehicles, and money. This is a severe charge and requires a serious Fort Lauderdale drug defense attorney.
  • Doctor shopping. Going to multiple doctors to obtain prescriptions for the same medication is illegal in Florida and carries stiff penalties, including up to five years in prison. Your medical conditions and how the police learned of your visits to different doctors are key factors in defending you against doctor shopping charges.

Any drug charge in Florida should be taken seriously, even if the police tell you not to worry. Call The Law Offices of Robert David Malove as soon as you can after a drug arrest to improve your odds of the best possible outcome.

Fort Lauderdale Drug Defense Attorney Protecting Your Rights

Defending drug charges often comes down to the way you were caught and arrested. In their zeal to make drug arrests, law enforcement officers often overstep the law and violate your rights, which could mean the charges won’t stand. Many times a drug charge starts out as something else—a stop for a routine traffic infraction such as speeding, a pat-down for weapons, or a search of your car or home. Depending upon your particular situation, the charges may be dismissed based on an unlawful search.

Sometimes, in order to conduct a search, police may seek to obtain "consent to search." Consent to search may have been obtained by the police in violation of the constitutional guarantee against unreasonable searches and seizures. Most people don’t even know that consent was given. For example, the police could say something like, “You don’t want a drug problem in your neighborhood, do you?” A homeowner could respond is such a way that they unintentionally or involuntarily waive their constitutional rights.

Even if proper procedures were followed and a search warrant was obtained, did the police officers exceed the scope of the warrant? Did they go overboard with their search? Perhaps the warrant stated the home could be searched, but not the specific place where the contraband was found. An experienced Fort Lauderdale drug defense attorney will be able to determine the scope and conduct of the search.

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