First we learned last spring that NFL star running back Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens had been arrested for domestic violence involving his then-fiance who he has since married.  NFL commissioner Roger Godell suspended Rice after the case was resolved in court.  Once TMZ released the security video of the Rices spitting on each other, entering the casino elevator showing Ray knocking out his wife and then dragging her out of the elevator, to say everyone was offended is an understatement.

Domestic violence is a real problem that cuts across all socio-economic classes of society.  It is certainly an issue worthy of more attention.  When it comes to issues that affect society, the NFL has stepped up to the plate in a big way.  For example, look at what the NFL has done on to call attention to breat cancer awareness.

The NFL has a website dedicated to breast cancer awareness.  The site says, “The NFL, its clubs, players, the NFL Players Association and the American Cancer Society are committed to saving lives from breast cancer, and addressing the unequal burden of cancer in underserved communities.”

The NFL already has the blueprint in place to raise awareness and call our collective social consciousness of the problem of domestic violence in society by following what they’ve done with breast cancer awareness, so why is the NFL dropping the ball?

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