*This is general advice and not a replacement for seeking legal counsel.

Distressed FemaleSexual harassment.

It’s on everyone’s minds these days.

…and rest assured:

If it has happened to you, you are not alone. Plus, there is lots of support available and ways to protect yourself from future re-occurrences.

The good news is:

At least with the recent news stories and shakedown, we are all taking it seriously, and working toward bringing the truth forward as a community.

That’s where this article you’re reading right now can help.

I’m going to share clear steps on how to protect yourself and your loved ones from harassment, plus explain a little more about what sexual harassment is…

…and the legal ramifications of sexual harassment in the workplace and schools according to Florida legislature.

Robert Malove is Here To Help

NOTE: If you have experienced or been accused of any kind of harassment… Contact a lawyer immediately.  Sexual harassment and lewd behavior are serious charges that affect your entire life.

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