When Everything You have Worked Hard to Achieve is On the Line, You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney With Years of Experience Who Knows How to Get the Job Done

No one looks bad on the internet. Checking out an attorney’s credentials is one way to evaluate their ability. But let’s face it; the bottom line is whether or not the attorney you choose can get the job done. What is their track record? Can they deliver the results you must achieve? Everyone’s case is different and each case takes on its own personality. No attorney, regardless of their talents and ability wins every single case they have ever handled. But it is still comforting to know that the attorney you hire has been there and done that.


Verdict : NOT GUILTY

My client was a very likeable, retired telephone installer who was stopped on his way home from a date at a automobile roadblock sobriety checkpoint. The contact officer detected the odor of an alcoholic beverage on the client’s breath and conducted further investigation.


Verdict : NOT GUILTY

My client had been out with her friends socializing and had been consuming alcohol. On her way home she began to feel sick, so she decided to park her car and go to sleep. The police observed her parked car and decided to wake my client. Eventually the police woke my client up. The police reported that she had a flushed face, an odor of alcohol and slurred speech – facts we did not dispute. My client refused to take the breath test.


Verdict : Case Dismissed!

My client was stopped by Broward County Deputy Sheriffs despite the fact that he had committed no traffic violations. Still, the police detected an odor of an alcoholic beverage, flushed face and slurred speech. My client admitted to having a beer at lunch, but maintained that he was perfectly sober.

Case 4

Verdict : NOT GUILTY

My client was asleep in his parked car after having consumed alcohol. We agreed that the client was probably under the under the influence of alcohol to the extent that his normal faculties were impaired, but vehemently denied that he was in “actual physical control” of his motor vehicle.


Verdict : NOT GUILTY

Client was on his way home from running an errand when he was stopped at a roadblock sobriety checkpoint. The officer detected the odor of alcohol, flushed face and slurred speech. The client was asked to perform field sobriety exercises, which the police claimed indicated impairment and subsequently arrested the client.

Domestic Violence Charges Dropped Without Having Going to Court

Verdict : Case Dismissed!

My house was up for sale.  I was working with a realtor who was a real nice guy.  One day he called me to let me know to expect a call from his neighbor.  The neighbor called.  A very respectable banker from up north.  Anyhow he made the mistake of mixing too much alcohol with perscription medicine and had a bad reaction.

Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyer Robert Malove Got My Charges Dropped

Verdict : Case Dismissed!

My client was in a car talking to a new friend when the police rolled up on them.  They were ordered out of the car at gun point and told to lay face down on the ground.  The police searched the car from top to bottom.  According to the police cocaine was found along with drug paraphernalia on the passenger side of the car.  My client was verbally abused by the police.

Felony Domestic Violence - Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon

Verdict : Case Dismissed!

I was living with my girlfried for over a year at an apartment in Hollywood.  Our relationship began going south.  Her behavior was erratic and she as not taking her bipolar medication regularly.  She had been a recovering alcoholic, but she began drinking again.  I was trying to be patient, but the situation had become intolerable.

Suppression Motion Gets Prosecutor to Reduce DUI to Reckless Driving

Verdict : DUI Dismissed!

My client was stopped after making a wide turn and because he was riding on the tire rim after getting a flat tire.  Rather than pull his car off the road and come to a stop in a safe place, my client stopped in the middle of the three-lane main thoroughfare having just gotten off I-95.  The ever so conscientious Boca Raton police officer had my client step out of his car after noticing a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage.

Downward Departure Granted! Prison Avoided!

Client was a 72-years old who had worked the past 25-years as a cardiologist at a public hospital in New York.  He answered an ad posted on Craig’s List for a physician.  The job was at a pain clinic.  Although he knew a little about how to treat pain, he had no real formal plain treatment training.  The clinic’s owners explained that he would receive on-the-job training.

Disaster avoided. DUI charges dismissed on the day of trial.

Verdict : Case dismissed!

My client was going through a rough divorce.  He tried to drown out his heartache by having too much to drink and was arrested  for DUI which was his second DUI arrest within 5 years of a previous DUI.  If he was convicted, he would have to serve a mandatory sentence behind bars.  I poured over the case and searched for an weakness in the State’s case.  No doubt the case was was bad.

Burglary Dismissed! Arrest Record Destroyed.

Verdict : Case dismissed!

Client and his parents were referred to me by another attorney in the community.  Before comming to meet me, they checked me out on the internet.  The client was a teenager and was running with the wrong crowd.  He had been arrested for burglary.  After he had been bonded out of jail by his parents, he was spotted drinking beer on the beach.

Felony Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer Reduced to Misdemeanors - Case Expunged!

Verdict : Criminal History Record Expunged

My client, a highly successful real estate professional, was very upset and ended up in a neighborhood bar to have a cocktail to cool off.  Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned.  Before she knew it she had one too many cocktails and lost control.  She started hurling insults at the bartender who called her a cab and asked her to leave.  When my client refused to go, the police were summoned.

Pot charges expunged

Verdict :Case dismissed! Record expunged!

My client was a student at the University of Miami.  His RA (Resident Assistant) busted him and his roomate for possession of marijuana.  My client was from an upscale family with aspirations to go to law school.  We were able to come up with a strategy to get his case admitted into a diversion program.

Arizona Supreme Court Rules that Partition Ratio Evidence is Admissible, Agree's With The People's Court

I was surprised to see that this issue regarding the partition ratio was not yet settled in Arizona, since I had obtained an opinion here in Florida crucifying the State for attempting to keep this highly relevent and important information from the jury.

Motion to Suppress - GRANTED!

Last week a motion to suppress evidence I filed on behalf of one of my clients was granted and the judge threw out evidence that my client refused to submit to take a breath test.  Basically, the police violated the Florida Accident Report Priviledge.  The Accident Report Priviledge,

Suppression Motion GRANTED! DUI Reduced to Reckless Driving.

My client was at a red light.  He was texting and had his head down.  Because he wasn’t paying careful attention he rolled his car forward before the light turned green and barely tapped the car in front of him.   An officer came and thought that my client might be impaired.  A second officer arrived and also thought my client might be impaired from some kind of controlled substance.  My client was arrested.

DUI Reduced to Reckless Driving - Probation Terminated Early

My client was arrested for a second DUI offense within 5 years and was facing mandatory jail time.  The arresting officers wrote in the Arrest Affidavit that she was speeding and driving recklessly by weaving in and out of traffic.  They wrote that she could hardly maintain her balance and was very unsteady on her feet.

Bond revocation vacated! Client Ordered Released!

Verdict : Client released!

My client was arrested on a totally trumped up charge.  At the bond hearing, I poked all sorts of holes in the State’s case and my client was released.  After 3 months, the pre-trial release officer busted him again.  I marched us into court and without any fanfare, the judge reinstated the bond.  The pretrial officer is steamed!  Doesn’t that break your heart?  Not!  Check out this testimonial my client’s mom wrote.

Domestic Violence Charges Dropped

Verdict :

My client was a student at the University of Miami.  His RA (Resident Assistant) busted him and his roomate for possession of marijuana.  My client was from an upscale family with aspirations to go to law school.  We were able to come up with a strategy to get his case admitted into a diversion program.

Criminal Defense Attorney Robert Malove Solved My Problem

Verdict :Charges dropped - Record Expunged

My wife and I had been quarreling and having a few still cocktails things only got worse.  My wife went outside for a walk to cool off.  The police were on routine patrol in our upscale neighborhood and saw her crying.  Everything got completely blown out of porportion and the next thing you know, I was being cuffed and stuffed into the back seat of the police cruiser.

Domestic Violence Battery Case Dropped Before Court Appearance

Verdict :Case DISMISSED!

My client had filed for dissolution of marriage and his soon-to-be ex-wife made up a total cock and bull story in order to gain leverage in the divorce proceedings.  I made it clear to her, through her attorney, that this made up event could cost my client his job which in turn would affect his income and impact the amount of her alimony and child support.

State Reduces DUI With .153 BAC to Reckless Driving & No Conviction

Verdict : DUI dropped

My client, a 26 year old recent college grad with her entire life ahead of her, came with her father to meet me last year. The case certainly presented its fair share of evidentiary obstacles, including a breath test of .153 which is almost twice the legal limit of .08.  When I sat down to study the DUI video made at the time of the arrest, I braced myself for the worst.

Boyfriend's & Girlfriend's Domestic Violence Cases Dropped

Verdict : All Charges Dropped!

The following day, I met with the man’s son to discuss how I could be of assistance.  I explained to him the various aspects of law that applied to his situation and we agreed on a strategy.  Separately I met with my new client’s girlfriend and we reviewed her situation.  Both clients agreed to waive any conflict of interest existed if I agreed to represent both of them.

Federal Extortion Case Ends With Probation

Verdict : No Prison!

Despite the Federal Sentencing Guidelines recommending a prison sentence ranging between 27-34 months, Robert Malove was able to persuade recently appointed US District Court Judge Robin Rosenberg to exercise her discretion and not send Mr. Malove’s client to prison.

Motion to Supress - GRANTED! State dismisses all charges!

Verdict : Motion to Suppress - GRANTED!

As a result of challenging the evidence by filing a motion to suppress (which we do in every single case) the client’s case was won.  All of the evidence obtained by the arresting officer was tossed out of court because the arresting officer wasn’t personally  involved in the traffic stop.

Cop Gets Arrested and Client's Case Gets Dismissed

Verdict :

A couple of weeks ago, Davie, Florida, police officer James Krey was arrested and charged with two counts of extortion by threats. Coral Springs police, who arrested Krey while he was on duty, reported that Krey threatened to share nude pictures of his ex-girlfriend, also a police officer, unless she resigned.

State Attorney's Office Drops Case Against Cab Driver

Verdict :Case Dismissed!

After nealy a year and a half of hard work, Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney Robert Malove convinced the Broward County State Attorney’s Office to dismiss all charges against a cab driver who was falsely accused of leaving the scene of an accident with a fatality.