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My house was up for sale.  I was working with a realtor who was a real nice guy.  One day he called me to let me know to expect a call from his neighbor.  The neighbor called.  A very respectable banker from up north.  Anyhow he made the mistake of mixing too much alcohol with perscription medicine and had a bad reaction.  He got into an uncharistic argument with his wife and pushed her.  She ran outside quite upset (having had too much to drink herself) and encountered the police who, unbeknownst to her, were responding to a false burglar alarm in their upscale neighborhood.  The police spoke to her and without her desire to press charges, her husband was cuffed and stuffed into the back of the police cruiser.  She bonded him out.  She called me asking how to let the prosecutor know that she did not want to press charges.  I prepared the necessary paperwork for her and filed it.  Result: case DISMISSED before the arraignment! Record EXPUNGED!

Case Dismissed!