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My client, a highly successful real estate professional, was very upset and ended up in a neighborhood bar to have a cocktail to cool off.  Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned.  Before she knew it she had one too many cocktails and lost control.  She started hurling insults at the bartender who called her a cab and asked her to leave.  When my client refused to go, the police were summoned.  My client, inebriated and totally unaware of what was happening, offered resistance to the police and struck him.  She was arrested and charged with Battery on a Law Enforcement officer, a 3rd defree felony punishable by up to five years in prison.  Thanks to my superstar investigator, Jay Zager, we were able to persuade the prosecutor to decline filing felony charges.  Instead, my client was charged with misdemeanors and entered a Diversion program.  After successfully completing the terms and coonditions of the Diversion program, all charges were dismissed and her criminal history record was expunged.

Criminal History Record Expunged