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I was living with my girlfried for over a year at an apartment in Hollywood.  Our relationship began going south.  Her behavior was erratic and she as not taking her bipolar medication regularly.  She had been a recovering alcoholic, but she began drinking again.  I was trying to be patient, but the situation had become intolerable.  I was preparing myself to break up with her.  She must have sensed that I was going to send her on her way.  One day after work, I came home and she was smashed.  She started to ridicule and berate me.  I kept my cool and went into the kitchen.  Out of nowhere she sucker punched me and I dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes.  Next thing I know she was stomping me.  I gathered myself, fended offer her attack and got out of there as soon as I could.  I left my cell phone behind so I went into the management office to call someone for help.  That’s when the police showed up.  They wouldn’t listen to me.  They cuffed and stuffed me into the back of their cruiser, and carted me off to jail.

My family called attorney Robert Malove.  This man is the stuff!  Because I had an open DUI case pending, I couldn’t post bond.  Malove thoroughly investigated the case.  In a few days he met with my girlfriend, who by now had sobered up.  She admitted to Malove that she had a total alcohol blackout and didn’t recall anything.  She signed a waiver of prosecution.  My case was dropped soon after that and the judge on my DUI case reinstated my bond.

Case Dismissed!