After an arrest, the first thing that happens is bail is set. If you are able to post bond you are free to leave jail until your court appearances and trial. Bail bonds in Broward County are typically set based on the type of the offense. The judge has the ability to raise or lower the bail based on various factors. In some cases, bail will be denied altogether. This is most commonly done in cases that involve a felony that is punishable by life imprisonment. In most cases, an experienced attorney will be able to help you get your bail reduced. It is essential to get your attorney involved immediately after your arrest. If you cannot post you bail immediately,  your bail will be reviewed at an initial hearing before a judge that occurs in the first 24 hours after your arrest.


Learning About Bail Bonds in Broward County

It is important to understand the basics of bail bonds in Broward County. Every defendant who remains in jail is entitled to appear in front of a judge within the first 24 hours of detention. This first appearance is also called the initial appearance. The purpose of this appearance is to make sure that there is probable cause or evidence against you for the State of Florida to pursue the criminal charges. The judge will also review the amount of bail to set in the case. Each case is different. The judge will take many different factors into consideration when setting bond. An experienced attorney will often be able to help present your case in order to get your bond reduced. Your attorney will be able to prepare a Motion to Set Bond or a Motion to Reduce Bond. These motions are essential in helping get the judge to lower your bond.

Broward County Bail Bonds

Getting out of jail on bond is also known as pretrial release. Broward County bail bonds are set by a judge and must be posted before you can be released. Your attorney will argue that you should have a reasonable bond and will present factors to indicate why a lower bond is appropriate. In some cases the defendant will be released without having to pay bond. This is known as being ROR’d or being released on your own recognizance.  Even if you have not addressed bond through an attorney at your first appearance your attorney will be able to request a bond hearing at any time during the pendency of your case. The judge will decide whether bond should be lowered or whether certain conditions of bond should be modified.

Bail Bonds in Broward County

When a judge sets bail bonds in Broward County the defendant must post the full amount in cash or may choose to use the services of a local bail bondsman. The bail bond company will post bond and will charge you a percentage as a fee. The purpose of bail is to ensure that the defendant will appear at court. Some factors that will determine the amount of bond include such things as the type of crime, the past criminal history of the defendant, community involvement, mental condition, employment history, and financial resources. An experienced criminal attorney will help you get the best possible bail set.

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