If you were arrested for DUI and took a breath test and scored a .08 or higher, or if you refused to take the test, then your license was suspended and you only have 10-days from the date of arrest to file a request for a special hearing. If you don’t ask for a special hearing at the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Bureau of Administrative Reviews (DHSMV BAR), then your license will remain suspended for up to 18 months. Time is of the essence.


Attorney Robert Malove has appeared at hundreds of administrative hearings and knows how to effectively represent individuals before the Florida DHSMV BAR. Mr. Malove understands how crucial it is for clients to maintain their driving privileges and works hard to protect your rights. In order to meet his goal of providing the highest caliber of legal representation possible, Mr. Malove has associated with a retired Florida DHSMV BAR hearing officer, who personally reviews each file at the Florida DHSMV BAR and together with Mr. Malove helps plan the best strategies to use at the hearing.

The outcome of the review hearing at the DHSMV BAR has absolutely no impact whatsoever on what happens in court.

You owe it to yourself to have Robert Malove represent you and protect your rights.