Anyone who has been arrested for a crime who hasn’t already bonded out of jail must appear before a judge within 24 hours of arrest. The main purpose of the first appearance hearing is to determine whether there is probable cause to believe that a crime was committed and that you are the person who committed the crime.  If the judge determines that there is probable cause, the judge will set a bail. Unless you’ve been arrested for a capital offense, such as murder in the first degree, or for a life felony, you are entitled to post a bail bond. In those rare instances, the defendant may not be allowed bond. A bail bond is a sum of money that is set in accordance with a schedule and within a certain range based on various factors. More serious offenses require a larger bail bond to be posted.  A bail bond serves as a guarantee that you’ll return to court when notified.  If you fail to appear, your bail can be forfeited.


Bail Bonds for Fort Lauderdale

Other factors that the judge will take into consideration include:

Past criminal history
Local community ties
Length of residence
Financial resources
Evidence in the case
Whether the defendant is a danger to the community

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If your attorney was not present at your first appearance in court, he or she will still be able to address your bond status. Bail bonds can be reviewed when your attorney requests a bond hearing. This hearing will require the judge to review the conditions of your bond as well as the amount of your bond. Bond must be paid before the individual is allowed to be released. The bond can be posted by a relative or through a bail bond agency.

An experienced attorney knows how to get your bond lowered so that you can be released prior to your trial. To get the help you need, talk to a lawyer as soon as possible.

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