If convicted of DUI, petitioning for a hardship license (business purposes or employment purposes) may be possible despite losing a driver’s license for a minimum of 180 days. Getting a license reinstated for business purposes restricts one to driving:


  • to a place of employment;
  • to locations for educational purposes;
  • to church; and
  • for medical needs.

The ability to request a hardship reinstatement and the type of reinstatement is dependent on how many times one has been convicted of DUI prior to the current conviction and the severity of any damage caused. A Fort Lauderdale attorney handing the DUI case in Florida can handle legal issues pertaining to a license suspension and other DUI penalties.

Florida Driver’s License Revocation Laws if Convicted of DUI

For first DUI convictions, defendants will have their licenses revoked for a mandatory 180 days and up to one year. They are able to immediately petition for a hardship license.

For second DUI convictions, If the second conviction occurred within five years of the first conviction it will result in license revocation for a minimum of five years with the ability to petition for license reinstatement after one year. If the second offense occurred more than five years after the first, the same penalties as a first DUI apply.

If the third DUI conviction occurred within ten years of the second conviction a minimum ten year revocation of the driver’s license will be assessed. Drivers may be eligible for a hardship after two years.

Mandatory permanent revocation of a license occurs after the fourth DUI conviction. No eligibility to petition for a hardship license exists.

For DUI manslaughter, defendants will have mandatory permanent revocation of a license. But if the conviction was a first time DUI, one may be eligible for a hardship after five years.

Vehicular manslaughter or DUI causing serious bodily harm requires a minimum three-year revocation. DUI causing serious bodily injury may allow for a hardship license with respect to the prior DUI convictions as stated above.

Petitioning for a Florida Hardship License

To qualify for this license if convicted of DUI, one must attend a state-approved DUI school and show proof of enrollment or completion. Typically one must do so within 90 days of reinstatement. One will also be required to install an ignition interlock device in any vehicle driven for a period determined by how many times one has been convicted of DUI.

Second DUI convictions and higher may require entering a DUI supervision program where drivers may participate in counseling and treatment for substance abuse and there may be restrictions to consumption of alcohol.

If a driver meets the proper criteria for a license reinstatement he or she must bring proof to the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles. He or she will attend a hearing and a hearing officer will determine whether or not he or she is eligible for license reinstatement.

A Fort Lauderdale DUI Attorney Can Help with Legal Concerns Regarding Florida License Reinstatement

Whether just arrested or already convicted of DUI and wanting to protect rights, discuss legal aspects of the case, including hardship licenses, with a Fort Lauderdale, Florida DUI attorney.