An effective compliance program is essential for a corporation to reduce or eliminate corporate liability. The absence of an effective compliance program, exposes a corporation to critical criminal and civil liability.At a minimum, every compliance program should incorporate the seven essential elements set forth in the United States Sentencing Guidelines.


  1. Establish Policies, Procedures and Controls
  2. Exercise Effective Compliance and Ethics Oversight
  3. Exercise Due Diligence to Avoid Delegation of Authority toUnethical Individuals
  4. Communicate and Educate Employees on Compliance and Ethics Programs
  5. Monitor and Audit Compliance and Ethics Programs for Effectiveness
  6. Ensure Consistent Enforcement and Discipline of Violations
  7. Respond Appropriately to Incidents and Take Steps to Prevent Future Incidents

Robert Malove can assist your healthcare organization in the development and implementation of an effective corporate compliance program consistent with the seven essential elements of the United States Sentencing Guidelines.

The firm knows the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, HIPAA, the Stark Act, other business statutes and the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). This experience enhances the firm’s ability to defend corporations and mitigate potential financial and other sanctions under the Sentencing Guidelines, if settled by agency agreement or criminally convicted by trial or plea.

Do you know the compliance risks that exist in your organization? Our firm can identify and quantify internal and external issues, prioritize risk areas, and assist you in developing strategies to reduce compliance risks.

Education is one of the enumerated seven essential elements of what should be included in every compliance program. After your compliance program is created, continuing education is required to insure its success. Our firm can educate your staff about compliance related issues. From Medicare/Medicaid billing procedure, HIPAA, the Deficit Reduction Act to the False Claims Act, we can assist you in teaching your staff how to maintain a culture of compliance and is available to conduct annual compliance education programs.

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