If you or someone you know is a foreign national charged with a criminal offense, it is crucial that you hire an attorney who is not only and expert in criminal law, but who is intimately familiar with the immigration consequences of being charged with criminal conduct.Since 1984, Florida Bar Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer Robert Malove has represented foreign nationals who have been accused of criminal charges. Foreign nationals living in the United States face the possibility of being deported and the prospect of never being able to return to loved ones and resume his or her life in America.With deportation proceedings being a distinct possibility, foreign nationals need representation from attorney who is able to fully analyze their legal situation and help determine the immigration consequences that apply. Attorney Robert Malove has represented countless foreign nationals who have been charged with criminal law violations


Non-citizens living in the United States with any type of visa, need sound advice from an attorney who can not only defend them against criminal charges but can also maneuver them through the potential immigration consequences.

Each year, criminal charges tear families apart because of the draconian impact on immigration status, resulting in a loss of legal status to remain in the United States, deportation proceedings or denial of re-entry into the United States.

Since 9-11, new laws have made it much easier for the government to deport individuals, especially undocumented aliens, while the application process to acquire legal status has become more difficult. You need to protect your immigration status from the consequences of a criminal charge.

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