Following a DUI arrest, bonding out of jail allows the suspected drunk driver to leave jail while awaiting a court date. Initially, those suspected of a DUI will be taken to jail and may be given a chemical test to determine their Blood Alcohol Contents. If it is confirmed they were driving with a BAC of more than .08 percent, they will be held for at least eight hours after the arrest.Once those eight hours have ended or their BAC is less than .05, the suspect may be bonded out of jail. A criminal attorney in Fort Lauderdale can work with individuals after a DUI arrest to protect their rights and help prepare for a case.

What is bonding out of jail?

Between a DUI arrest and court date, suspects may be released from jail if they pay what’s called “bail.” The amount of bail is set by the local court and often depends on whether the driver has any previous arrests and the severity of the offense. For some first-time offenders, the court may allow them to leave without paying bail.

If an individual cannot afford to pay the bond, he/she will typically go to a bail bondsman or agency for help; with a bail bondsman, suspects are able to leverage collateral or property (such as a car title or house deed) in exchange for a bond (essentially a loan) in the amount of bail. This is remitted to the court, and the suspect is released from jail.

Once the suspect shows up for the court date, bail is usually refunded to the individual or bondsman. The bondsman will keep any interest or fees agreed upon up front. If the suspect fails to show up for court, any collateral he/she put up with the bondsman will be forfeited and a warrant will be issue for the individual’s arrest.

Help with DUI Defense from Criminal Attorneys in Fort Lauderdale

Penalties for a DUI charge are steep in Florida.

Individuals convicted of DUIs can face:

  • fines;
  • community service;
  • probation;
  • license revocation;
  • DUI school; and
  • jail time, depending on factors surrounding the DUI arrest.

Anyone who is facing these charges should get in contact with a criminal attorney in Fort Lauderdale as soon as possible. In order to prevent automatic driver license revocation, a hearing request must be filed with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles within 10 days of the DUI arrest, so time is of the essence.

According to the Florida DMV, there were over 33,500 DUI convictions in 2011 alone. Drivers arrested for DUI can call 888-744-8225 to speak to a criminal attorney in Fort Lauderdale at the Law Offices of Robert David Malove to begin building their defense today. An attorney can also answer questions about bonding out of jail and the individual’s responsibilities while out on bail.