out on bond floridaWhile getting out on bond can get suspects out of jail temporarily while they await trial for their criminal charges, it doesn’t guarantee their permanent release. In fact, if individuals who are facing criminal charges are not careful to abide by the requirements and conditions of their bail bond, they could end up right back in jail.Those out on bond in Florida should always consult an experienced Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer to ensure they’re in full cooperation with their bond conditions, as well as to begin building a defense for their upcoming court date.

Requirements When Out on Bond in Florida

According to our Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer, there are numerous requirements that must be met in order for suspects to 1) avoid returning to jail and 2) get their collateral back from the bondsman.

Specifically, they must:

  • provide only truthful, accurate information during the bond posting process;
  • stay within the jurisdiction of the court in which they were arrested (meaning they can’t leave town);
  • notify the bondsman of any residential moves; and
  • avoid any additional criminal offenses, aside from minor traffic violations.

Finally, individuals must appear in court on their court date. Failing to do so is a forfeiture of whatever collateral the bondsman or bond agency holds. Additionally, it either means the bondsman will have to pay the bond in full or arrest and surrender the defendant to the courts. This is often when a bounty hunter may be employed. If there are questions regarding the implications of failing to appear in court, individuals should consult a Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer for help.

Additional Conditions That Must Be Met When Temporarily Released

According to our Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer, sometimes, the court will set additional conditions for a suspect to bond out of jail. These usually depend on the factors surrounding the crime they committed and for which they are facing criminal charges.

Some of these conditions may include:

  • avoiding contact with any victims or witnesses involved in the case;
  • maintaining sobriety from drugs and alcohol;
  • certain driving restrictions; and
  • checking in daily with a court official or representative.

In severe cases, it could even include GPS monitoring or an ankle bracelet to ensure suspects don’t leave town during the bail period.

Get Legal Help From Our Experienced Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyer

After bail has been posted, suspects facing criminal charges should begin focusing on their legal defense. As soon as possible, they should get in contact with an experienced Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer to begin building their case. The longer they wait, the more difficult it may be to gather evidence, line up witnesses and other important pieces of the puzzle.

Anyone out on bond in Florida should contact our firm online or call 954.861.0384 to set up a free consulation with our Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer, Robert David Malove.