Driving while your license is suspended (DWLS) can become a very serious legal issue if not handled correctly. Too many Florida drivers are charged with driving without a valid license and, unfortunately, too many criminal attorneys don’t treat it with the gravity it deserves, and end up having their clients plead what’s known as a “withhold” and pay a small fine. This can lead to bigger problems though, as that plea counts as a conviction under Florida law, and it could result in your losing your license for up to five years under the Habitual Traffic Offender Statute. Don’t take suspended license cases lightly…you need strong professional legal representation to ensure the most favorable outcome.Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney, Robert Malove, has years of experience in successfully representing clients facing suspended license cases in the state of Florida. If you are in this situation, contact Mr. Malove immediately to discuss the details of your case, and the chances are good that he will find a defense strategy that will prevent your case from turning into something much more damaging, and in many cases, he will be able to keep your record from being tarnished by the DWLS case.

In certain instances, a DWLS case can be resolved by means of an “Administrative Resolution.” If your driving record qualifies, Mr. Malove can apply for this resolution, and if successful, will prevent the charge from counting as a conviction on your record. The bottom line is that when a DWLS arrest occurs, you need to contact your attorney immediately, before making any statements to the authorities or having your hearing scheduled. Simply call Robert Malove at 954-861-0384, and he will set up a free initial consultation and create an aggressive strategy designed to protect your rights and guide you through the difficult legal process of a driving with license suspended.