Posted on Jan 21, 2016

A West Palm Beach doctor was busted on April Fool’s Day after Palm Beach County Sheriff deputies caught him selling oxycodone prescriptions for out of a cut-rate motel room.Dr. Jeffrey Matfus, 66, was living at the motel and was writing prescriptions for cash. Deputies found out about Matfus’ drug dealing Monday and scheduled an appointment to see him Tuesday.According to reports, an undercover deputy posing as a pain patient went to Matfus’ room and complained about “some” back pain. The doctor is alleged to have corrected the deputy and said he was experiencing “lower back pain.” Without conducting even a minor physical exam, the doctor took out a prescription pad.

Supposedly, Matfus asked what kind of medication the deputy wanted to take. Then the doctor informed the undercover officer that fee was $200 for two prescriptions. Matfus is alleged to have even written another script for a made up friend of the deputy.

As the undercover deputy pretending to be a patient and Matfus exchanged cash, the take down signal was given and deputies came in and arrested the doctor. As if he wasn’t already in enough trouble, Matfus supposedly waived his right to remain silent and revealed that for about two or three months he had been living at the motel and was selling prescriptions. Apparently, Matfus had been down on his luck and recently lost his medical practice, however, his license to practice medicine was still valid at the time of arrest.

Matfus was charged with unlawful prescription of a controlled substance and trafficking in oxycodone. He posted his $10.000.00 and is no longer being held at the Palm Beach County Jail.