Posted on Jan 21, 2016

An Arizona teenager is facing DUI manslaughter charges resulting from a crash that killed a friend. Derren Gary Teran was charged just before Christmas with one count of DUI vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence and two counts of DUI causing injury for the March 2013, crash that killed 18-year-old Victor Regalado Jr.  Teran and Regalado were good friends who played youth sports together.

According to reports, Teran refused to allow two other friends concerned about his ability to drive his Jeep. Prosecutors allege Teran’s blood alcohol was about twice the legal limit at the time of the crash.

Regalado was thrown from the Jeep when it struck a curb and rolled over.  Regalado died about 40 minutes later at the hospital.  Teran, Regalado and two girls got into the Jeep, while other friends got into another vehicle. One of the girls “also asked Derren to allow her to drive the Jeep and his response was, ‘Nah.’ . . . (She) described Derren’s driving actions to be, ‘Crazy.'”

Teran started, at one point swerving into opposing lanes. The speedometer reached 70 mph, and one of the girls “repeatedly told Derren to slow down and his response each time was, ‘No, I’m the best drunk driver.'”

Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney Robert Malove said, “Reports like this are tragic.  This is an example of drinking irresponsibly.  Teenage drinking is never responsible.  There is no excuse for not listening to your friends who tell you that you’re impaired and shouldn’t drive.  Just give up the keys to your car!  Don’t drive!”