How to Choose a DUI Lawyer In Florida

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ALERT – the Clock is ticking!  From the moment you are charged with DUI the clock begins to tick.

Did you know that if you took the breath test and blew a .08 or higher or refused to take the test, your license was suspended at the time of arrest?

Did you know that you could lose your license for up to 18 months BEFORE YOU GO TO COURT?

If you want to get your license back you only have 10 days to file an application with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to request a special hearing.

WARNING: If you don’t request a hearing at the DHSMV, your license could be suspended up to 18 months! Waiting to hire a lawyer could severely handicap your defense.


The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles aggressively enforces the Florida Implied Consent Law. You need to take quick action!

Depending upon where you were arrested, you may be due in court and have to appear before the judge in just a short few weeks!

The internet gives you a lot of information that you can access from anywhere. The problem is: how do you separate the critical information from all the hype and B.S.?

How to Choose a DUI Lawyer in Florida arms you with the 10 Questions you must ask to have the best chance of winning your case.

Don’t hire Robert Malove or ANY lawyer until you get straight answers to these questions, including:

  • Who is going to be my lawyer at trial?
  • What is his/her qualifications?
  • Are they AV rated by Martindale-Hubble?
  • Do they have a 10.0 rating from
  • Are they Board Certified by the Florida Bar in Criminal Trial Law?

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Attorney Robert Malove has received national recognition for his achievements as a criminal defense trial law specialist. He is a former Training Attorney at the Public Defender’s Office in Miami who has earned the highest rating a lawyer can achieve for legal ability and ethics.

Time is running out!

Don’t let losing your license or a DUI conviction cost you your job, ruin your reputation, negatively effect your family, and cause you to suffer a loss of freedom.

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