When The Feds Come Knocking

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Sometimes a seemingly innocent mistake can produce a ripple effect that ultimately results in long-lasting consequences that were never imagined. And when that mistake occurs in being prosecuted for a federal offense, it may mean that freedom is sacrificed — many years of freedom are put in jeopardy. A person accused of committing a federal crime could face a lengthy sentence; a wife could be separated from her husband; children can grow up without a parent; aging parents may never get to hold or see their child again; a family business may be lost.

The federal government is an imposing entity, especially when they have their sights set on you. It is crucial to avoid mistakes and missteps along the way if you are targeted or arrested for federal offense. That is what the information in my book, When the Feds Come Knocking, The Essential Guide to Fighting Federal Charges is all about: making wise choices and smart decisions about your future.

Being charged with a federal crime is an extremely serious matter. It is stressful, intimidating, and frightening to know the U.S. government has their sights set on you and that your freedom is at stake. It’s overwhelming, but it’s not a hopeless situation … and it doesn’t mean you’re guilty!

Hiring an experienced federal criminal defense attorney at the first hint of trouble — whether you get advance warning or whether federal agents show up at your door unannounced — is priority number one. Breaking down the process into individual steps, familiarizing yourself with those steps, and making sound decisions at every juncture can go a long way toward protecting your freedom or reducing your sentence.

When the Feds Come Knocking, The Essential Guide to Fighting Federal Charges gives you insight into the federal criminal justice process and the more informed you are, the better your chances of a favorable outcome.

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