After sustaining a very serious felony DUI arrest, I called Robert Malove for help. He agreed to represent me while acknowledging that my case presented difficult challenges and that there could be severe penalties including incarceration. His thorough, frank and honest advice of what I might expect as to my defense and possible outcome, gave me and my family a strong sense of confidence that I would be well represented. Throughout a myriad of legal twists and turns he advised, guided, and supported me, my spouse, and family. We listened. We followed his advice. On my day in court, Robert had prepared the best possible defense, and had helped prepare us emotionally for whatever might happen. The result was beyond expectations. No incarceration! My family and I rejoiced. We are forever grateful for both his legal expertise and the manner in which he helped turn what could have been a paralyzing family experience into a life renewing experience for myself, my family, and our future. Would I hire Robert Malove again? You bet! Would I recommend Robert Malove? Without hesitation!

A DUI client -