Mr. Malove is an outstanding attorney! He is extremely knowledgeable, knows every aspect of his field and is professional yet knows his limitations. If there is an area that he feels he is not an expert he will consult an expert in that area to assure you always have the best defense. You will always know all of your options as well as what is in your best interest. Beyond all of that, he managed every part of my life and guided me through much more than just my legal problems. My family was very demanding throughout these issues and he had a way of making all of us feel secure and know at all times, we had the best attorney on our side!  He worked ecery facet of the case to get me the lowest possible sentence and the most favorable facility.  I know that if I did not have the good fortune to meet and hire Mr. Malove, my nightmare would have been much worse by a long shot.

Aimee M., M.D. (A federal client) -