I am 72-years old. Three years ago, I moved to Florida.  I had worked for the past 25-years as a cardiologist at a public hospital in New York.  Needing work, I answered an ad posted on Craig’s List for a physician.  The job was at a pain clinic.  Although I knew little about how to treat pain, the clinic’s owners explained that I would get on-the-job training.  The pay was excellent and I was only going to work two or three days a week.  Three weeks later, I got a target letter from the United State’s Attorney’s Office.

I met an attorney and hired him.  He was intelligent and seemed capable of helping me.  After I couple of weeks, my kids found out and came to my support.  I explained my situation to them and they called my lawyer for more info.  My children are tops in their chosen professions and scoured the Internet for the best criminal defense with experience representing doctors in cases like mine.  That led me to Robert Malove.  He patiently explained all of my options to me with my children attending by conference call.

A decision was made to change lawyers and hire Robert Malove.  In a case with 42 defendants, and 14 doctors, I was very happy with the case results and being the only physician who was not sent to prison. Hiring Robert Malove to represent me was the smartest business decision I ever made.

Thank you!

Augusto L., M.D., a Federal Client