Dear Mr. Malove,

August 11th 2012 was a turning point in my life. That was the day I was accused of a violation that could have changed the course of my life forever. I just want to take the time to thank you for your relentless effort to make sure justice was served in a fair and adequate manner.

You went out of your way to keep me posted on my case. No matter how daunting the task you treated the situation with a professional and caring manner, even when the chips were not in my favor.

With your proven education and longevity in the field as a leader there in no other attorney I would have rather turned to. Knowing that you had my back every step of the way I was able to manage my day-to-day life. My investment in you was well worth it, no wonder you were so highly recommended. I am a great advocate and supporter of yours and will gladly refer people your way.

It is a blessing to me that I invested in you, especially knowing the outstanding results that came with my case.

Thank you again for your tireless work ethic, for everything you have done and for what you continue to do.

Chris J.