Robert Malove was able to get my breath test thrown out in a way I didn’t even know was possible. After getting the breath test suppressed, Mr. Malove encouraged me to take my case before a jury and I was found not guilty on both the DUI and the fleeing and eluding charges has allowed me get back to my life and keep a clean criminal record. Mr. Malove moves with grace and confidence in the courtroom.  He has a great court appearance!  Mr. Malove comes across very comfortable in court. In fact, his degree of comfort is contagious; just meeting with him for 10-15 minutes beforehand calmed me down and set the stage for a confident court appearance. His honest, helpful demeanor proved to me that he truly had my best interests at heart.  Unlike some other attorneys I spoke with, he wasn’t just trying to bolster his own record with another win in trial. Though, in the end the trial win was indeed my best option!! I’m very pleased with this attorney.

David -