My son was arrested on a slew of charges ranging from grand theft, probation violation etc., etc.  I had retained another attorney, but was dissatisfied with his service.  I found Robert Malove on and after calling several attorneys, I decided to call him.

Robert was sincere, knowledgeable and reasonable from day 1. Through his excellent and diplomatic work, my son was let out on a Pre-Trial Release program.  My son was doing well for about 3 months when he was pulled over by the police and rearrested.  Mr. Malove filed a new motion for bail.  Even the other detainees told my son that it was impossible for him to get bailed out.  Wow! Wow! Wow!  Mr. Malove worked magic with this case – my son was released on his previous pretrial arrangement.

It was such a shock to the pretrial officer who told my son, “your attorney has some fancy footwork!  I am shocked and so Is the arresting officer.  We cannot believe you are out on bail.”

Well, to make this simple, Mr. Malove is very reasonable, he is a down to earth lawyer – someone who you would want at your birthday party. The guy is a total genius at what he does!

I must have been his most difficult client, but he performed beyond my wildest imaginations. 5 stars is not enough for Mr. Malove. Is there a way to give him 20?

J.W. -