When I first met with Mr. Malove, he gave me straight answers and didn’t sugarcoat the situation to me.  I was facing serious federal prison time for possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute and money laundering.  The case the government had against me was air tight. Robert Malove has a sophisticated knowledge of the federal sentencing guidelines.  He interviewed me and investigated my background.  When it came time to go to court for my sentencing hearing, Mr. Malove’s presentation and arguments to the judge were spot on.  Mr. Malove convinced the judge to grant his every request for leinency.  As the judge pronounced his sentence, Mr. Malove asked the judge for one final adjustment, which the judge agreed was reasonable.  I served a little less than half of the sentence than what the government requested.  Malove is a real dedicated professional, he not only explained step by step actions toward my case he also gave my entire family support and time, he listens and cares.   I would recommended him to anyone .

L.M.W. -