Nov 30, 2011

When do we ever think! I’m going to need an attorney? Who do we call? What do we do? I am so grateful that I came across Robert Malove, my situation was very complex, I couldn’t confide in anyone. Robert was so in control and understanding he became everything to me in minutes. So now that everything is fine and back to “normal” thanks to Robert Malove, I could say I learned one very valuable lesson IT PAYS TO HAVE THE BEST FROM THE START, HE HAS BECOME MY FAMILY LAWYER SO I NEVER HAVE TO WORRY about, MY KIDS, MY GRANDKIDS, MY FRIENDS they will all be in the best of hands. If you would like any other information about my personal experience with Robert Malove you can contact me at ([email protected]) I choose to put my information so you know this is real. “Knowlegeable, respected and very smooth in court. Quite the pro.”

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