If you are reading this right now, even though you’ve got legal problems, you are very lucky!

Shortly after I gave birth to my second child, I moved to Florida from New York. Unfortunately, I was arrested for DUI. To make matters worse, it was my second DUI arrest.

Getting arrested for DUI is embarrassing. I really didn’t want this to get out in the community, so I couldn’t call anyone to ask for a recommendation. Like you, I turned to the internet for help.

There were so many attorneys and I was overwhelmed by the choices. Thankfully, I found Robert Malove. I read what his clients had to say about him and liked what they said.

I called Robert and met with him. Robert immediately put me at ease and gave me confidence. He thoroughly investigated my case.

Within the first 50-days after I was arrested, Robert was able to convince the hearing officer at the DHSMV that I wasn’t impaired despite what the police had to say and I got my driver’s license returned without restrictions – a result that is virtually impossible to get.

Next, after announcing “ready” for trial, the prosecutor agreed to reduce my charge to reckless driving. Once I passed the halfway point of my probation, Robert was able to get my probation terminated early.

I cannot say enough about what a great job Robert Malove did for me. Not only is he a terrific lawyer, but he is a compassionate and caring person who I am happy to say has become my friend. All of the things his other clients have written about him are true.

If you are in trouble and need to find a great lawyer, look no further. Malove is the one!

Marie F. L. -