Dear Robert,

Our journey together started shortly after I was arrested for a serious 3rd DUI – a felony. When I first arrived in your office with my wife, I was filled with fear and emotional distress over my legal situation, which was not good. You were so professional and caring at the same time. You gave us thorough and frank information on what we could expect both favorable and unfavorable and, as a result, my wife and I began to feel confident that you would do a good job for me.

For the next two years, through a myriad of legal twists and turns, you guided me every step of the way. That guidance and advice was always on the mark. Your knowledge of the law was exceptional and your legal efforts to protect my rights and help me with my case showed that you will go the extra mile to afford your client the best possible defense. As a result, when my case was decided and given my situation and the penalties I was facing which included up to 5 years of imprisonment, I was overwhelmed with gratitude when you finessed no jail time and an overall favorable outcome compared to what it could have been.

Not only have you been there as my legal counsel every step of the way, but your encouragement and confidence helped me turn my life around. Instead of prison, I am in my home sharing this Thanksgiving with my family and thanking God for all the blessings and gifts I have been given, one of which I will always remember, is meeting you and having you represent me as my attorney.

Thank you, Robert.


Name withheld upon request-2 -