Dear Robert:

I am writing today to thank you for your exceptional performance, effort, and perseverance while serving as my attorney and representing me throughout a long, drawn out, complex and unusual case involving several serious charges. Looking back at the list of offenses with which I was charged, it is evident that my case was an uphill battle from the start: Driving under the influence of alcohol (facing my third offense); Careless driving; Driving with a suspended license; Leaving the scene of an accident; Violation of probation. Without hesitation, you offered me your assistance and immediately set about doing everything possible to achieve a positive outcome for me. Thanks to you, each of the charges against me was dismissed, and my probation was terminated successfully.

In addition, you personally resolved all pending issues with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles in order to restore my driving privileges; I know this involved extra time and effort, for which I am truly grateful. And last but not least, you leveraged your personal relationships and professional network to get me out of jail in a timely manner when I was arrested on a bench warrant related to my case.

As a military officer on active duty, my career was literally hanging in the balance when I approached you to ask for your help.  Throughout the long duration of my case, you respected my need for discretion, tact and confidentiality, and you always treated me with dignity and respect. For this, I cannot thank you enough. Owing to your legal skill and the unbelievable results that you achieved on my behalf, I now have a fighting chance of continuing a successful career. Through your efforts, I have an opportunity to get on with my life and move forward. You have my eternal gratitude and unconditional trust, and if I ever come across anyone in need of an unequaled legal defense, I will refer that person to you immediately.


Name withheld upon request-4 -