I rarely take the time to write positive reviews but I definitely jump on the opportunity to warn others from very bad people. As studies prove, people are way more likely to share negative experiences than positive ones.

Today however, I am taking the time to share my “POSITIVE” thoughts about with Mr. Robert Malove as an attorney. Please read on…

Several weeks ago I was wrongfully arrested for domestic violence. The police came to my home and immediately arrested me due to the fact that my ex-wife told them that I had forcefully pushed her away from my car (she purposely slammed her car door against mine.) An injunction was filed against me and all went to hell through my eyes as I could not believe I was being arrested for “battery.” That day I learned Florida has a “zero” tolerance for domestic violence and they are force to arrest someone regardless of anything. I wish someone had told me this when I moved (a couple of weeks ago.)

Needless to say, my experience in jail was not a positive one. Upon leaving jail the following day my mission was to search for the best attorney. My search was very frustrating as I came across hundreds of attorneys in the area that were willing to say anything to have me pay their retainer fee. Some of them came across as extremely negative and upselling me to pay them upfront a huge retainer to clear all the mess and some of them were way too confident and telling me they could get me off with just a few thousand dollars.

I was finally able to narrow down my choices to 5 attorneys that had the highest peer and customer reviews. I called all of them to schedule interviews and amazingly 2 of them said they would rather do a telephone interview and did not even invite me to come to see them. I immediately crossed them out and proceeded with the 3 remaining attorneys. My goal was to find the smartest, most professional, and confident but not arrogant, attorney that would care about my case and not simply my money. Ever hired an attorney where he/she is extremely helpful and attentive but after you pay them they suddenly start treating you as just an account???

Out of the 3 attorneys, Mr. Robert Malove was the one that really made me feel confident he would best represent me. What really convinced me was that he was extremely proactive and well prepared. He was the ONLY attorney that took the time to read and study my case before I even interviewed him. When I came to the office he had already gone to court to get copies of the charges filed against me. None of the other attorneys did such a thing! Robert also took the time to set my expectations and share his experience of how other similar cases to mine would finish. Robert took the time to show me a roadmap of what would happen and what would be the process. I am a firm believer that sometimes the most important factors are seen in the smallest details.

The outcome: Robert quickly worked on my case and wasted no time in working in persuading my ex-wife to drop the injunction and domestic violence charges (I still can’t believe he was able to do this as my ex-wife hates me.) The state also dismissed their case against me and I am no longer in need to go to trial. Robert is now in the process of expunging my record to make sure this does not affect me later.

Hands down, Robert Malove is the best attorney you can hire. Sure, he is not cheap but in my humble opinion, he is the best attorney the area. I am glad I chose him… If you happen to read this review and are in the process of find an attorney, please take it as my best and sincere recommendation to select him as your attorney. You will not regret it as you will hire the best of the best.