successful criminal appeal in FloridaWhat happens after winning a criminal appeal in Florida will depend on why you filed the appeal and what the ruling was from the the appellate court. Our Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney explains below:

The Court Agrees With You. You've Won Your Criminal Appeal: Now What?

In most cases, your criminal case will be remanded or sent back to the trial court. However, this time, things may be different in the trial court. For example:

  • If you are appealing a jury verdict and the appeals court reverses and remands your case, you may get a new jury trial.
  • If you are appealing a court’s decision about admissible evidence and the appeals court finds that the government’s evidence was inadmissible and remands your case, your case may proceed in trial court, but the government cannot use the evidence found to be inadmissible by the appeals court.
  • If you are appealing your sentence and the appeals court reverses and remands the trial court’s sentencing decision, you may be re-sentenced for the crime.

According to our Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney, in some cases, the government may decide not to pursue your case any further based on the outcome of the appeal. The charges against you may be dropped, and your criminal case may be over.

Prepare Your Appeal With the Help of an Experienced Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorney

It takes a lot of research and skill to win a criminal appeal. While no responsible lawyer will guarantee the outcome of your appeal, there are some things that the Law Offices of Robert David Malove can promise you now. If you hire us, you can expect our Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney to:

  • Exhaustively research every issue for appeal
  • Write convincing legal briefs
  • Present persuasive legal arguments
  • Get to know you as an individual and to understand what you have at stake
  • Be available to answer your questions so that you are never left wondering about what happens next

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