best Fort Lauderdale healthcare fraud attorneyFor a healthcare establishment or a professional, being accused of healthcare fraud can prove costly financially, legally, and in terms of reputation. Punishment for these charges includes significant fines, loss of license, and even jail time in certain cases. That's why hiring the best Fort Lauderdale healthcare fraud attorney is so important if you're facing these serious types of charges. 

4 Tips to Help You Find the Best Fort Lauderdale Healthcare Fraud Attorney for You

Before hiring a lawyer for your case, consider these four tips that can help you find the best Fort Lauderdale healthcare fraud attorney for your case.

1) Check Expertise and Certifications

Because of the complexity of a healthcare fraud case, it is advisable to hire a Fort Lauderdale healthcare fraud attorney who has expertise in applicable laws and defenses. This would mean delving into the educational background and training of the attorney. For example, Robert David Malove has completed post-graduate studies at George Washington University in Healthcare Corporate Compliance, thus building on his knowledge of laws applicable to healthcare fraud. He is also board-certified in the state of Florida and has been representing clients in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding area for over 30 years.

2) Complementary Case History

The ideal Fort Lauderdale healthcare fraud attorney should be one who has dealt with cases similar to yours. The defendant should verify the attorney’s experience with these cases by asking the lawyer about his or her case experience and even getting in touch with the attorney’s previous clients.

This is a good way to gauge the lawyer’s services and what to expect if you were to hire this particular healthcare fraud attorney. 

3) Rapport

Meet with the lawyer on an initial consultation before hiring him or her. You should feel comfortable with your professional relationship and understand the attorney’s communication policy (how will you receive updates on your case, does the attorney prefer phone calls, emails) and fee structure.

You may even decide to meet with a few attorneys after vetting qualifications, client testimonials and more. This is a great opportunity to get to know how your case will be presented before hiring a lawyer.

4) Reviews

Nowadays, one of the most important ways to determine whether an attorney is well-suited for your case is through reeviews, aka client testimonials. Places like Google and legal sites like AVVO, SuperLawyers, etc can provide clients with great insight.

Legal Help for Medical Malpractice Defendants in Fort Lauderdale

Healthcare providers accused of healthcare fraud have much to address in a case, anything from accusations by an insurance company to whistleblowers. In fact, famous corporate lawyer and previous United States attorney Michael K. Loucks has been quoted saying that “whistle-blowers are paid far much in health care fraud cases — bounties up to 30 percent, totaling $650 million in just the last two years [2011, 2012].” With the high pay rate going to whistleblowers, hiring the best Fort Lauderdale healthcare fraud attorney possible is needed.

If you or your loved one has been accused of healthcare fraud in the state of Florida, there is no time to wait. Mr. Malove is a board-certified criminal trial lawyer and helps healthcare professionals and clinics defend themselves against charges of healthcare fraud. Contact us online today or call 954.861.0384 to schedule a free case review with the bestv Fort Lauderdale healthcare fraud attorney in Florida.