Medicare fraud is among the issues blamed for high medical costs for basic care. Florida has some of the highest rates of health insurance fraud in the U.S. and has Health Care Fraud Prevention and Enforcement Action Team (HEAT) units in two major metro areas (Miami-Dade and Tampa Bay).Several government agencies are involved in combating fraud. The Affordable Care Act increases the resources available to boost anti-fraud efforts and regulates the penalties for fraudulent activity. HEAT was created by the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Justice. It aims “to help prevent waste, fraud, and abuse in the Medicare and Medicaid programs.”


With so many regulations and scams, it’s important for medical professionals to protect themselves against false allegations of Medicare fraud. In Fort Lauderdale, criminal attorneys can help develop a defense against allegations of Medicare or healthcare fraud.

Common Types of Medicare Fraud

There are many common scams and healthcare fraud related to Medicare, such as:

  • a doctor submits claims for services patients never receive;
  • patients are offered free services, goods, or other compensation for their Medicare number;
  • a medical supply company bills Medicare for equipment or supplies you never receive;
  • someone else uses a Medicare recipient’s card or number;
  • a patient is offered a Medicare drug plan that is not on the list of approved Medicare plans; and
  • false information is given to a patient by a company trying to sign him or her up for a Medicare plan.

These are just a few of the many scams and fraudulent actions related to Medicare. Every year, hundreds of legitimately fraudulent claims are discovered and prosecuted, but there also may be fair claims that are wrongfully identified as fraudulent. In these cases, the accused may seek the consultation of Fort Lauderdale criminal attorneys.

Good documentation and records are the first line of defense for medical professionals to avoid charges of healthcare fraud. If records are not enough to fight charges of Medicare fraud, a Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney can help address the criminal charges a medical professional may face.

We Defend Medicare Fraud Cases

Healthcare fraud is a growing problem as more Americans reach the age when Medicare benefits are available. $4.1 billion in fraudulent claims was recovered in 2011 by the government. In October 2012 alone, 91 individuals were charged with fraud amounting to $432 million in false billing claims as a result of Medicare Strike Force operations.

With as many legitimate charges as the government uncovers, some allegations of fraud may be in error. Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney, Robert Malove, is here to help the health care community fight charges of healthcare fraud. If your practice or business is in jeopardy due to fraudulent activity, contact our office at 954-861-0384 to schedule a consultation regarding your rights if accused of Medicare fraud.