If convicted of DUI, the consequences can be significant. Not only is there the prospect of having to pay fines, perform community service, jail time and other punishments, but it may impact the driver’s job as well. Depending on the type of work, some may lose their job or it may negatively affect future employment.

Drunk Driving Consequences for a Current Job

Work that involves driving could be in jeopardy when someone has been convicted of a DUI. For instance, commercial truck drivers are disqualified from driving for a year with a first conviction and for three years if transporting hazardous materials. A second or subsequent conviction results in a lifetime disqualification. But there are other types of jobs where a DUI can affect employment besides drivers, such as teachers or healthcare workers.

If the DUI leads to imprisonment, it could be up to six months for a first conviction and nine months with a second. This in itself could result in the person being fired. But another issue could be the loss of a driver’s license or the individual’s car being impounded. This could affect one’s ability to get to and from work.

Drunk Driving Consequences for Future Employment

Future employment could be impacted because a DUI conviction, even if it’s a misdemeanor, will go into the person’s criminal and driving record. Keep in mind that criminal records are public. And although there may be the possibility of having it sealed or expunged (erased), not everyone will qualify.

It’s not uncommon for employers to conduct background checks before hiring. So they can very easily uncover a prior DUI conviction. Although it doesn’t necessarily mean obtaining a job will be impossible, there could definitely be some challenges.

Some employers will be more forgiving when it’s a first offense. And the more time that has passed between the conviction and the application for a job, the less importance it may have on hiring. However, it is clearly an issue that needs to be taken seriously whenever someone could be convicted of DUI.

Robert David Malove Can Help

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