If you are a doctor, pharmacist, chiropractor or other health care provider and have been charged with Medicare fraud, you need an experienced Medicare fraud defense attorney in your corner, and you need them there now! Health care laws are extremely complicated, and you need a Medicare fraud attorney with the experience to foresee how the government will act on your case, and take the steps necessary to minimize your exposure to criminal and civil charges. If this applies to you, then the Law Offices of Robert D. Malove should be your first call. Mr. Malove has 30 years of experience in defending white collar criminal cases, and is an established industry expert in the field of healthcare fraud, including Medicare fraud and Medicaid fraud.There are a number of situations that fall under Medicare Fraud, including:

  • Fraudulent billing
  • Unauthorized billing
  • False claims
  • Over-billing
  • False billing
  • …and many more

The government is going to go all out to prosecute Medicare fraud cases. They have entire task forces dedicated to this prosecutory effort. You cannot afford to have some generic lawyer who knows “a little bit” about Medicare fraud defense…you need an expert. When most attorneys are researching for this type of healthcare fraud case, they come to Mr. Malove’s healthcare fraud blog to get themselves up to speed. Don’t let the students defend you in court when the attorney doing the teaching is available. There is a lot of money on the line if convicted, and possibly some jail time. You need an experienced criminal attorney representing you. Get help now by calling Criminal Attorney Robert Malove at 954-861-0384.