Health and justice authorities are cracking down on healthcare fraud in the nation. In fact, one of the Health Care Fraud Prevention and Enforcement Action Team’s primary goals is to “crack down on the people and organizations that abuse the system and cost Americans billions of dollars each year.”While there is some abuse within the system, some investigators can be overenthusiastic in their quest to bust clinics, and many clinic directors may be wrongly charged in the process.If you are a Fort Lauderdale clinic that has recently been accused of healthcare fraud, enlist in the help of criminal defense attorney immediately. Certain fraud charges against clinics can be a felony offense, and you’ll need legal assistance quickly to fight for your rights, carefully defend your case, and protect your future freedom.


Types of Health Fraud Charges Clinics May Face

There are numerous types of actions that can be labeled as healthcare fraud. Some of the charges clinics may face include:

  • false billing (overcharging, double billing, upcoding);
  • billing for procedures that were never performed;
  • conspiracy to commit health care fraud;
  • violations of anti-kickback laws;
  • prescription drug diversion; and
  • money laundering.

Healthcare claims pass through the hands of many people before it reaches the final destination, from the patient to the clinic, from the doctor to the insurance company. Fraud or mistakes may take place at any stage of the process, and some clinics can wind up being wrongly charged.

The Healthcare Fraud Crackdown

Many clinic workers and directors, and many others in the healthcare field, are getting charged with fraud. Some recent cases include:

  • 89 people from clinics around the country were charged with scheming $223 million via a false Medicare billing scheme;
  • two clinic owners were sentenced to prison (one for 100 months and  the other for 12 months) for participation in a $13.3 million Medicare fraud scheme; and
  • a dental clinic operator recently pleaded guilty to health care fraud and tax evasion, and subsequently faces up to 15 years in prison.

Healthcare fraud charges are quite serious and entail heavy penalties. In addition to losing the business or licensure, clinic workers who are convicted of fraud face frightening prison time and hefty fees.

Securing a Fraud Criminal Defense Attorney in Fort Lauderdale

It goes without saying that if you’ve been charged with as serious a crime as health fraud, you’ll need to secure legal counsel in Fort Lauderdale to help you fight your case. Contact us at the Law Offices of Robert David Malove for a free consultation. Let us work with you to construct your case and work to have your fraud charges dropped or to the penalties reduced. Call (954) 861-0384 today.