Being convicted in a healthcare fraud case can spell doom for any medical professional or establishment. And there can be nothing more unfortunate than being accused of fraud. It still seriously jeopardizes the reputation of the entity. Knowing when to hire an attorney is important for clinics or individuals facing such accusations or charges.


When should I hire an attorney?

Healthcare professionals or medical facilities that are accused of fraud should hire a healthcare fraud lawyer right away if accused of these crimes. Developing a defense against these charges is vital, and the process should begin right away. Those notified by government authorities of an investigation or whose offices are audited by investigators should pick up the phone and call a lawyer immediately.

An attorney will make sure the investigation follows proper legal protocol and the medical professional’s or facility’s rights are upheld throughout the:

  • investigation;
  • audit; and
  • during any criminal proceedings that might follow.

What are some types of healthcare fraud accusations that warrant hiring an attorney?

Medical establishments such as nursing homes and hospitals and professionals such as physicians and dentists in Fort Lauderdale hire healthcare fraud lawyers if accused of the following actions:

  • Overbilling or Upcoding: The healthcare industry uses a coding system to bill for particular services rendered. Overbilling or upcoding involves billing for services not rendered or using a code for a service that returns greater compensation. Perfectly innocuous mistakes like inputting the wrong code can be common. However, the law does not always regard such slips as unintentional. These mistakes cost the healthcare provider dearly and compel him or her to hire an attorney.
  • Over-Utilizing Drugs and/or Services: Some healthcare service providers get embroiled in cases that allege Medicare and Medicaid fraudulent practices like over-utilization of drugs and/or services. Healthcare providers may defend themselves against these charges by presenting medical records demonstrating that any drugs prescribed or services rendered were necessary and part of acceptable treatment methods.
  • Obtaining Kickbacks: Kickbacks are when a physician receives some kind of compensation or something of value for referring a patient to another professional or for referring a particular product.

Legal Help for Healthcare Providers in Fort Lauderdale Wrongly Accused of Fraud

The Law Offices of Robert David Malove helps healthcare professionals. We offer legal guidance to healthcare providers in Fort Lauderdale who have been wrongly accused of committing fraudulent practices. The attorneys can be contacted at 888-744-8225.