Healthcare fraud is punishable by imprisonment and significant fines. Physicians can lose their medical licenses and end up with a criminal record. So it’s important the right steps are taken when one has been wrongfully accused and ultimately charged with healthcare fraud.

Overview of Healthcare Fraud

When facts are concealed or misrepresented regarding medical services provided, this could be considered fraud. This can include billing for services such as physician appointments that never took place or medical supplies never provided.

Sometimes there is an attempt to be paid more than is owed by changing information on the claim form, or being paid for services that a doctor isn’t licensed to perform. These are just a few examples of fraud in the healthcare system.

Steps to Take If Wrongfully Accused of Healthcare Fraud

The first thing is to evaluate the billing records, looking for any possible mistakes. It could be that information was entered incorrectly. Gather all documentation that may show the charges are false. Even if errors are found, don’t try to correct them. This will only make it more suspicious.

If there are questions being raised with regard to the types of medical services being provided to patients, gather records that will help support the decision to perform these services. Anything that is of relevance should be collected.

Sometimes, however, there is no time to do this because suddenly the physician is facing a search warrant. As long as the warrant is legal, they are allowed to seize documents. But if anyone shows up without a legal search warrant, they don’t have to be allowed inside. And nothing has to be handed over to them.

At some point an auditor or another type of government investigator may become involved. Although it isn’t necessary to hire an attorney, it is usually in the person’s best interest to have one present. Be prepared ahead of time for questions that might be asked and how they will be answered.

Robert David Malove Can Help if Charged with Healthcare Fraud

Whether the charges for healthcare fraud have come as a sudden surprise or a letter is received in the mail accusing one of fraud, it is generally a good idea to immediately contact an attorney. At the Law Offices of Robert David Malove, our attorneys are knowledgeable of healthcare fraud cases and can assist when facing such serious charges.