Fort lauderdale post conviction attorney for when appeal is deniedThe news may be a devastating blow. The appellate court in Florida ruled that your appeal is denied and now you're left wondering if there is any way to right the wrong that has been done to you. As a criminal defendant, you have a lot at stake, and it is important to know all of your legal options so that you can make the decisions that are right for you.

Below, our Fort Lauderdale appeals lawyer goes into detail discussing the possible motions you may be able to use in your particular case.

Options After a Criminal Appeal is Denied in Florida

Not every criminal appellant has the legal right to all of the options below. However, our experienced Fort Lauderdale appeals lawyer can determine if any of the following motions may apply to your case:

  • Motion for rehearing. If you believe the court overlooked an important fact or legal argument, you may ask for your case to be heard again.
  • Motion for rehearing en banc. Your appeal was likely heard by a panel of three appellate judges. According to our Fort Lauderdale appeals lawyer, if you assert that the panel overlooked an important fact or legal argument, you may request that all of the active judges on the appeals court hear your appeal.
  • Motion for certification of an important issue. You may request further review if you can establish that the court’s decision conflicts with other court decisions and that the issue is one of great public importance.
  • Motion requesting a written opinion. If the court did not issue a written opinion in your case and instead issued a Per Curiam Affirmed (PCA) simply affirming the trial court’s decision, then this type of motion is possible.
  • Motion for post-conviction relief. These motions, also known as 3.850 motions, may be filed if you allege ineffective assistance of counsel or that there is newly discovered evidence, for example.

Which action may be right for you depends on the unique circumstances of your case. There are many pros and cons to consider, and while your time to take action is limited by law, you and your Fort Lauderdale appeals lawyer should carefully consider all of your options before moving forward.

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