You’re not a career criminal. You made a mistake. Had a little too much to drink and got pulled over. Shoplifted some sunglasses. Got caught with a little pot. Whatever the case may be, it was minor. But now you have a record. You’re looking at college applications, maybe you want to lease an apartment, or buy a car and you have to disclose your record, or you’re afraid it’s going to come up in a background search. One little mistake could compromise your future career, where you live or the type of car you’re able to finance. One little mistake. You wish it had never happened.You need a way out. You want it to just go away. You can’t have this record following you around for the rest of your life.


The good news is: it doesn’t have to, and attorney Robert Malove can help.

Expunging a record is a relatively straightforward process, but you want to make certain it’s done properly and thoroughly. Records that have supposedly been expunged sometimes continue to “pop up” on a national registry, which means employers, college boards and credit reporting agencies can still see it. In this case, the record must be challenged through the FBI.  What about

Attorney Robert Malove understands your future could be riding on one little mistake that you made and that everyone deserves a second chance. That one little mistake could hold you back from creating a phenomenal future…. from making phenomenal changes in the world. You shouldn’t be held back because you were human, and you made a mistake.

Give Rob Malove a call and get your future back on track. For the better part of the last three decades, Rob Malove has worked in the criminal courts in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Palm Beach to help his clients live the future they deserve.