Arrests and acquittals both appear on your criminal history in Florida, but with a Fort Lauderdale expungement lawyer, you can wipe your record clean.

Don’t let a background check ruin future opportunities. Our Fort Lauderdale expungement lawyer, Robert Malove, can help you if a criminal record is preventing you from getting a job, moving to a new apartment or attending college.

Record Expungement Can Be a Lengthy Process – Get Started Now!

It can take months just to get the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to issue a Certificate of Eligibility for criminal record expungement. After obtaining the Certificate, it can take several more months to seal or expunge the record.

Even if you don’t think you’ll be making any life changes that would involve a background check, don’t be caught on short notice that someone will look into your criminal record. Consider getting your record sealed or expunged with the help of an experienced Fort Lauderdale expungement lawyer as soon as you have settled your criminal case.

Fort Lauderdale expungement lawyerWho Needs Their Criminal Records Expunged? 

According to our Fort Lauderdale expungement lawyer, anyone with a future, really. Are you…

  • considering attending college or any post-secondary education?
  • looking to move to a new home?
  • seeking a personal loan?
  • thinking about switching jobs?
  • trying to adopt a child?

All of these events — and — many more may require a background check that will reveal your criminal history.  No matter how long ago, once a crime is recorded, it is public record unless it’s sealed or expunged.  Many crimes are eligible for sealing or expunction, which keeps the record off of most background checks.  While not all crimes are eligible (particularly serious crimes like murder and child abuse), Fort Lauderdale expungement lawyer Robert Malove can review your situation and will explain your options.

We All Make Mistakes – Don’t Let a Criminal History Ruin Your Future

Florida’s expungement system exists to allow those with certain criminal charges to remove the record and get a second chance to improve their future.  Successfully sealing your criminal record means most employers no longer will see the incident on your background check.  If you are eligible to seal or expunge a criminal history record, you can remove just about all evidence that it ever existed .

Except under certain circumstances, sealing and expunging your record allows you to deny or fail to acknowledge the arrest under oath without running the risk of facing a perjury charge.  By the time a potential employer asks you to explain any criminal history or requires you submit to a background check, if you haven’t already sealed or expunged your record, it’s too late. The job market is extremely competitive – if an employer has two equally qualified applicants, but one has a criminal record and the other does not, which one do you think will get the job?

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