by | last updated on January 20, 2016
South Florida criminal defense attorney and former public defender Robert Malove was sought out by Court TV’sClosing Arguments, hosted by Nancy Grace to provide commentary and analysis during gavel to gavel coverage of the case of State v. Cloyd & Hughes – the Miami case where two America West pilots are accused of driving an aircraft while under the influence (DUI).As a former assistant public defender Robert Malove had been assigned to practice before the Honorable David Young, the judge presiding over the America West case. In addition to holding a Master’s degree in forensic science, Malove is a founding member of the National College for DUI Defense. Mr. Malove was the DUI Training Attorney for the Dade County Public Defender and has successfully completed the Metro-Dade Police Academy Breath Alcohol Technician Course. He was subsequently issued a permit by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to operate the Intoxilyzer breath testing instruments. Robert has also completed the Metro-Dade Community College Standardized Field Testing Course.Mr. Malove’s Fort Lauderdale based practice now includes state and federal criminal defense, including appeals and white collar crimes in addition to DUI.

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