Drug crimes are big news in Florida, but what's happening behind the scenes of major drug arrests and trials? Get our attorneys’ take on news headlines about drug crime by reading our news stories. We cut through the hype and give you the facts you need to understand the law.

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  • Robert David Malove Named To Prestigious SuperLawyers List
    When looking for the best criminal defense attorney to hire for your case, make sure to check out the attorney's credentials. Robert Malove is a SuperLawyer
  • Voters Decide Medical Marijuana Issue A Florida Supreme Court ruling issued in January puts medical marijuana amendment on the November general election ballot. 
  • Police Can Issue a $100 Fine For Possession of Pot Possession of marijuana is one of the most common criminal charges in the U.S.
  • Crime Lab Chemist Reassigned Kelli McDonald, a Broward sheriff’s crime lab chemist in the is the subject of another investigation into missing drugs.
  • Doctor Busted for Selling Oxycodone Out of Motel Room A West Palm Beach doctor was busted on April Fool’s Day after Palm Beach County Sheriff deputies caught him selling oxycodone prescriptions.